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Guilty (2023)
dir. Kate Hummel, Rosa Stil

 A confronting film about the trauma caused by sexual violence.
Ten (2024)
dir. Eva Osterveeld

  A portrait documentary about 3 dancers of the Junior Company of the Dutch National Opera and Ballet.
This is Your Captain Speaking (2022) dir. Idriss Nabil

 A touching  children's film that poses important questions about inequality in opportunities that stems from one's land of origin. 
Louder! So I can hear you... (2022)
dir. Laura Bokhoven

 In this ego documentary we follow the filmmaker as she recreates a trip her late father once took. Through the trip the filmmaker (and the viewer) contemplate death and mourning. The score features a Jazz quintet comprised of saxophone, trombone, guitar, bass and drums.
To Break a Butterfly (2022) 
dir. Kate Hummel

 A youthful and energetic film about the loss of innocence through a dark incident.
Below the Surface (2021)
dir. Tomas Ponsteen

 In this film we follow Elkin, a gender-fluid sex worker faced with a harsh and unwelcoming reality. The music of the film was made using synthesizers, an electric guitar, a music box, a bassoon and clarinets. 
Eos (2022)
dir. Razan Hassan

 A sci-fi film about rebellion and self-discovery. The music for this film was co-composed with Mojan Alaiyeh and is a mixture of orchestral music with traditional middle-eastern instruments and synthesizers.
In Between Glass and Walls (2021)
dir. Razan Hassan
 A documentary about a family with a child that has Down Syndrome, the difficulties of the situation but also the warmth and joy of family life.
Buitenspel (2021)
dir. Kate Hummel
 A coming of age film about a young girl who starts questioning what being a woman is about. The score is based around the Hammond organ with many Jazz and Blues elements.

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