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  A native of Athens, Greece, Alexandros Tomagian may have started his music career as an active member of the Athenian Jazz scene, but it was film music that proved to be his greatest passion.

  After getting his Bachelors at Jazz Guitar Performance from the Ionian University in Corfu, Alexandros went on to study film composition in the prestigious Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

  Since then he has composed music for various short films by up and coming Dutch directors and filmmakers, trailers and commercials in addition to other musical work. As an educator he has been invited as a guest lecturer at the Nederlands Filmakademie. 

  Nowadays he spends his time between Paris, France and Amsterdam where he continues working on various projects.

  His vision is to give each film a distinctive musical voice while at the same time have a significant contribution to how the story is told. Drawing from a wide range of influences and experiences, Alexandros has composed music for synthesizers and electronics, jazz ensembles, chamber music and everything in between. 

  Besides fiction and documentary films, Alexandros has also composed music for a video art project by photographer Spyros Chalikias, co-composed music for a narration of Edgar Alan Poe's Mask of the Red Death as well as his own personal music projects. 

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