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Louder! So I Can Hear You

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 The documentary ‘Louder! So I can hear you’ is all about dialogue. Dialogue between the present and the past, what is and what is no longer, a daughter and her deceased father. It’s also about a road trip, birds, and poetry. It’s no wonder then, that when director Laura Bokhoven and I started talking about the music for the film, jazz was there from the start. Eventually, we came up with a rather unconventional plan. While the crew was off filming in Spain and France, in December 2021, a band of talented musicians and myself (Adam Claussen on alto saxophone, Charalambos Chronis on trombone, Yannis Vagianos on double bass and Nick Thessalonikefs on drums), entered the recording studio to record a jazz suite. The plan was that we would then treat the resulting recording as previously existing music and I would compose additional things as needed. 

The challenge for me as a composer was to write the music in such a way that, while maintaining the energy and authenticity of a jazz performance, would also provide enough of different moods to be usable in a narrative way. In addition, the music had to evoke a sense of past and present simultaneously for which I drew from influences very close to my heart like Eric Dolphy, Brian Blade and the Fellowship Band et al.

 After the recording and during the film’s post-production period, a few months of adventurous music editing, composing, and recording followed and the music for the actual film was completed in the spring of 2022. The album with the music contains 3 entire performances from the original recording session (Intro, Why Birds Sing, Outro), 3 tracks that were significantly edited or overdubbed (The Desert, Louder!, Paris and Beyond) and 3 additional compositions/arrangements (Then and Now, Under the Willow Tree, Like the Ocean).

Music for Films (EP)

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 Music for Films is a short EP comprised of cues from various short films. It features Adam Claussen on clarinet and Elena Pisano on piano.

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